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CYG Tefa Co., Ltd Since 2002, is a national high-tech enterprise,one of the subsidiaries of woer.


Factories: 3 factories with more than 10 varity of production lines, located in Shenzhen near Hongkong , Huzhou near Shanghai and Zhejiang near Shanghai.


Product Range: Crosslinked Closed cell PE foam, IXPE foam, IXLPE foam, XPE foam, XLPE foam, IXPP foam, ESD PE foam and solutions


Certifications: ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949,FMVSS 302,UL94 HF-1,RoHS,CE,etc.


Applications: Automotive NVH, Air condition insulation, HVAC, Construction insulation, Sports products


Capacity: 6000 tons per year



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  • December 2002: The company was established, formerly known as Shenzhen Changyuan Special Plastic Foaming Material Co., Ltd., mainly conducting conductive IXPE foam.
  • 2003: Became a qualified supplier of Huawei, TCL and TPV.
  • October 2004: The factory was moved to Gongming and the Korean production line was introduced.The company was recognized as Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise.
  • October 2005: Became the main supplier of conductive IXPE in China.
  • 2006: Started production of XPE and IXPE.
  • 2007: The company was identified as Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise.
  • In the same year, the company expanded again, and the factory moved to Guangming New District, Shenzhen, with an area of ​​12,000 square meters, becoming the largest producer of cross-linked PE materials in South China.
  • 2008: The company changed its name to Shenzhen Changyuan Tefa Co., Ltd. With a registered capital of 12 million yuan, it began to explore overseas markets.
  • 2009: The company was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.
  • 2010: Hangzhou branch was established. Fully entered the East China market.
  • From 2011: Shenzhen Headquarters successively increased investment in three production lines.
  • 2012: Sales exceeded 100 million.
  • 2013: Chongqing branch was established to enter the Southwest market.
  • 2014: The export exceeded 20 million, and the development of coating and glue products was successful, and it entered the automotive interior composite material market.
  • 2015: Successive completion of vertical furnace transformation and successful trial production of products below 1MM.
  • 2016: Huzhou Changyuan Special Technology Co., Ltd. was established. The registered capital is 10 million yuan.
  • 2017:Become a tier one supplier of Huawei.
  • 2018:WOER invested in CYG and established Changzhou branch in the same year.
  • 2019:Sales exceeded 260 million yuan.
  • 2020:New factory construction planning.


China Cyg Tefa Co., Ltd. company profile 0

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Main Market

North America

South America

Western Europe

Southeast Asia

Middle East


Business Type





Brands : Greenthermal,CTF,Thermalsoft

No. of Employees : 300~320

Annual Sales : 30000000-35000000

Year Established : 2002

Export p.c : 10% - 20%

official website: http://www.cygtefa.com


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

China Cyg Tefa Co., Ltd. Certification China Cyg Tefa Co., Ltd. Certification China Cyg Tefa Co., Ltd. Certification China Cyg Tefa Co., Ltd. Certification